What Is the Story of Alice in Wonderland?
Published in Available April 6, 2021
Illustrated by Robert Squier

Jump down the rabbit hole of history and discover the story behind one of children’s books most curious and fearless characters.

Who Was Juliette Gordon Low?
Published in Available July 6, 2021
Illustrated by Dede Putra

Meet Juliette, a woman who never took no for an answer and empowered generations of young girls as founder of the Girl Scouts of America.

Who Is the Dalai Lama?
Published in 2018
Illustrated by Dede Putra

Find inspiration in the spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism who spreads a message of peace and compassion with the world.

Who Are the Rolling Stones?
Published in 2017
Illustrated by Ted Hammond

Read about these rockers who have been following their love of music for more than fifty years!

Who Was Cesar Chavez?
Published in 2017
Illustrated by Ted Hammond

Follow the story of the most famous Latino American civil rights activist and his tireless work for fairness in the farming industry.

Who Was Marie Antoinette?
Published in 2015
Illustrated by John O'Brien

Discover the whirlwind life of French royalty and the young girl who became queen and started a revolution.

Who Was Harriet Beecher Stowe?
Published in 2015
Illustrated by Gregory Copeland

Meet a talented woman who used her powerful words to help end slavery in the United States.

Who Was Gandhi?
Published in 2014
Illustrated by Jerry Hoare

Find out all about the life of this great man, his journey to bringing freedom to India, and the valuable lessons of peace that he passed on to the world.


Neil Armstrong
Published in 2014

Meet the adventurous astronaut who explored further than anyone had before!

George Washington Carver
Published in 2014

Meet the curious scientist who helped nurture farmers and new agricultural methods.

LIFE SKILLS BIOGRAPHIES—Cherry Lake Publishing (Grades 4-6)

Bill and Melinda Gates
Published in 2008

Bill and Melinda Gates are the wealthiest people in the world, thanks to Bill’s pioneering business sense with computers. But this couple does not keep all their money to themselves. Find out how, through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, they have used their wealth to improve health, education, and communities across the globe.

SIGNATURE LIVES—Compass Point Books (Grades 5-7)

Elizabeth Dole: Public Servant and Senator
Published in 2008

Elizabeth Dole has devoted her life to public service in many leadership roles in cabinet positions, the Red Cross, and as a senator. She was a woman of many firsts, and her achievements have always been closely linked with a desire to help others.

Andrew Carnegie: Captain of Industry
Published in 2006

Not only did Andrew Carnegie become one of the richest men in history, but he also shared that wealth. Steel made him king, but his fortune also helped many in need.

COMPASS POINT EARLY BIOGRAPHIES—Compass Point Books (Grades 2-4)

Albert Einstein
Published in 2003

Einstein was a scientist with an unlimited imagination. His love of science and math led to new ideas about how the world worked, and wishes for a world where people lived in peace.

Frederick Douglass
Published in 2003

Douglass escaped slavery, and spent his life working with abolitionists and in the government to spread the word that all Americans, black and white, should be treated fairly, have a chance to learn to read and write, and above all have freedom.

George Armstrong Custer
Published in 2003

Custer was a dynamic leader and adventurous soldier who headed west and fought in the legendary battle of Little Big Horn.

Marie Curie
Published in 2001

A true pioneer, and the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, Marie Curie led an important life. She studied elements that gave rise to progress in science and medicine that has saved many lives.

Harriet Tubman
Published in 2001

Tubman realized the only way out of the horrors of slavery was escape on the Underground Railroad—a group of people who opposed slavery and helped slaves escape the South. Tubman became a “conductor” herself, bringing many others to freedom.

BOOK REPORT BIOGRAPHIES—Franklin Watts (Grades 6-8)

Harry Houdini: Master Magician
Published in 2001

Houdini started as a poor entertainer, traveling with circuses and medicine shows. He became world famous with death-defying stunts and tricks that wowed audiences and showcased his skills and daring nature.

George Lucas: Creator of Star Wars
Published in 1999

(co-authored with Christopher Rau)

George Lucas had a vivid imagination and great stories to tell. Follow his life as he shared his ideas with many people through groundbreaking innovations in movie history.