Nonfiction (Grades PS to 3)

Published in 2002

Lerner Publishing Group/Millbrook Press
Grades K-2

Have you ever seen a star in an orange? Or branches on a feather? Or the swirl of a wave? Or little shapes on a fish’s scales? Look closely at the shapes you’ll discover in this book. Then look closely at the world around you. You can find nature’s shapes everywhere. "Through one-sentence descriptions and full-color, uncluttered photographs, readers are taken on a journey of discovery in the natural world." School Library Journal, May 2002 "Rau goes beyond basic geometric shapes to introduce children to more sophisticated forms in nature, from star shapes in snowflakes to the spirals of a ram's horn. A book that will encourage children to look more closely at their world, think about it, and admire the beauty and symmetry of its design." Booklist, December 1, 2002 "This incredibly innovative book celebrates art in nature in a truly clever manner...A wonderful resource for art teachers to show the art in the everyday world and to connect students to art more closely...A true gem of a book that children will want to look at over and over!" Kristin Pedemonti, Upper Perkiomen Valley Library, PA, February 2002


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